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The following information and documents have been obtained over the past years in an attempt to control the seagulls at Bayshore Village:
BSV_CityMB_Seagulls_Resolution_2004.pdf   Morro Bay City Resolution - July 2004 (slow to load - large PDF - 2.7 MB)

The following government websites have been compiled as reference:   Guide to Laws and Treaties for Protecting Migratory Birds   Birds Protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act   Summary of applicable laws for migratory birds

The following company websites/products have been compiled as possible solutions:   Permanent Bird Control Products and On-site Services   Professional animal control and wildlife management services since 1983   Architectural Bird Control Products   Transparent Bird Repellant Gel   America's leading manufacturer of bird control products   Unique Repellant Colored Rope   Aerosol bird repellent (Fog Force)   List of Companies selling bird control products   Story about Sheboygan Wisconsin Seagull Problems   Story about Critter Control of Milwaukee   Humane & Effective products

Please provide any additional information you have or resources you are aware of so that we can add it to this web page.
Our goal is to place all of the Seagull information in a single place on this web site so that it is easily available to
everyone working to solve this problem.


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